Strategic planning and execution


Strategic planning gives clarity and direction for future growth. It takes both strategic planning and precise execution to make your organisation resilient to global shocks and trends while focusing on your own vision. Our principles of planning and execution always put people in the centre.

Our advisers take into consideration your business aspirations and your personal life goals when helping you develop your business growth strategies. This program is specifically designed to understand and develop strategic business planning, forecasting and market trends and business improvement analysis.


We work with businesses that are willing to learn, adapt and capitalise on available resources. Not only do we develop a business strategy, but we also facilitate and help you bring your strategy alive and structure it in a way that you know who is responsible for which part. We will bring structure into your business so that every member knows their role and is conscious about their duties and responsibilities towards achieving a corporate goal.

Develop your business strategy

Executive leadership


Good Leadership influences and motivates team members to achieve great outcomes. The executive program is designed for business owners and CEOs who are willing to take the extra step to set a new benchmark for their business. Our regenerative program of connecting you with nature and changing your focus from day-to-day activities helps you to rejuvenate your energy. The program also equips you with tools which are essential for your business success, increase productivity and keep balance between personal and professional lifestyle both in the short run and the long run.


The business owners are choosing advisory boards to help them to take on new opportunities, manage risk, expand their networks, start their governance journey and grow their business. As an advisor, we are right there to make sure that you succeed. We believe that business leaders are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that business leaders’ passion for what they do makes them successful entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, all too often this becomes a solo journey. We have been there and felt the pain of how lonely leadership can be. If as a leader, you seek the counsel of like-minded people, we would love to hear from you. A cup of coffee, tea or a drink has the power to transform conversations into deep regenerative thoughts which might be all you need. These sessions can be continued until we reach that transformative moment.


As an advisory board, we provide a trusted advisory council to complement your business venture. The board provides valuable well-researched oversight and insight on your business as an outsider while providing you with in-depth feedback on your products and services.

Advisory board

Future proofing your business


The world is changing rapidly. The resilience of a business will be tested based on its responsiveness and adaptability to this changing world.

As a business leader, you need to be on top of ever-changing customer expectations and market trends, technological advancements and effective use of social and digital media platforms.


We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities by understanding your business agility and addressing the hidden obstacles before they sprout. Together we can develop a transformative plan to capitalise on available resources and make your business future proof. Is your venture responsive enough to cope with changing trends? Let’s talk and find out.


Good business is about collaboration. This can involve a wide variety of people, with a range of ideas, motives and backgrounds. But, misalignment (when these ideas do not come together) can stop your business from growing. To address this, we’ve created the Business Review Programme, which seeks to measure the degree of alignment in your business. This will give you a snapshot of where exactly your organisation is at today, so you can better plan where you’re going tomorrow.

Business Review Program

Business Review Program


Why do a business review?

Business success is a relative term. Our Business Review Program identifies the degree of alignment of owners or stakeholders concerning personal and business goals.

This is done through a series of interviews of key personnel and analysing the data using in-depth qualitative and quantitative research methods to draw conclusions and recommendations. This final report allows the owners and stakeholders to reflect on business performances.

Who is it for?

For business owners, to reflect on their aspirations and find out how the business helps achieve these.


Our Business Review Program is aimed at executive member(s) of privately managed enterprises, community organisations, non-government organisations, any business with professional management and involved in crucial decision-making process.

The program is designed to develop an operational strategy, exit strategy, risk mitigation strategy, market development strategy or rebranding strategy. The strategy can be used to uncover any blind spots and unknown risks for the business profitability both in the long-term and short-term.

Research shows that independent external advice is critical for business growth, especially when there are disagreements between stakeholders.

How does it work?

The first stage of the Business Review Program involves an open-ended in-depth interview of each stakeholder about the

  • Current status of the business
  • Business goals
  • Resource’s availability
  • Personal goals
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Customers and Markets
  • Strategic Outlook

The data will then be analysed using data analysis software and themes and trends will be generated. The analysis will dig deep into finer details which will help to develop a strategic plan and implementing it sustainably.

What does it cover?

  • Business goals and developing a strategy to achieve those goals.
  • Highlight the hidden issues related to business.
  • Key risks to business – present and future – and recommendations to make your business future proof.

What are the outcomes of the Business Review Program? What will we achieve?

The outcome is an understanding of where the business currently is, concerning your business goals. The Business Review Program is a smart program that gives a holistic understanding of personal and professional goals which will be backed by market research and trends in the respective industry/sector. We will also do a SWOT analysis to find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business. You will be able to discover the issues and concerns related to the overall success of your business. Once identified, we can guide a session to address these areas, work to reach consensus and set strategic actions. The final report will help you make decisions based on our recommendations.

The process

Our consultation process involves the following steps.

01 Meeting

to discuss the objectives of the engagement.

02 Project Proposal

outlining the outcomes, costing and time-frame.

03 Engagement

both parties need to agree to the purposed scope and outcome of the engagement and sign Client Engagement Form.

04 Project Planning

define the project at a broad level and setting goals and time-frame.

05 Project Execution

Project started to materialise, deliverables are developed and completed.

06 Project Progress Review (Phase I)

Meeting with the client to showcase the preliminary outcomes of the project and address questions and concerns. This phase is crucial, as client gets a chance to review and give appropriate feedback. The outcome of this meeting will determine the project execution and the outcome of the work.

07 Project Progress Review (Phase II)

Meeting with the client and showcase the progress on the project.

08 Project Closure

Review the final outcome and handover the project.

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